Our Denim Line: 1denim

Hey there!

Let's talk about denim. Finding the perfect brand that fits our body shape is a nightmare. For example, when I am online shopping, I hate not knowing if I am a size 26 or 27. The size chart doesn't help that much when I scroll down to the reviews and finds that it run small or large. Yikes! Nothing is worse when a company isn't aware that their denim isn't "true to size" or matches their size guide.

I would like to announce that we DO know how the denim fits. We personally try on all the styles and critique it based off of our own frustrating experiences when it comes to denim. Not to mention, this is coming from two women who have very different sizes.

While we don't have a sizing chart, we do provide the measurements usually based off of a size 26. That includes the rise, inseam and leg openings. Not to mention, we provide the exact details of the fabric. Will it have modal or spandex?

Which is why I am proud to announce that we carry a premium denim line made in the USA right out of Los Angeles, California. The company is called 1denim. While we were picking out inventory for our boutique at the UBM Fashion Trade Show, we happened to stumble across 1denim's booth.

Best part? I got to try on the sample sizes (they were 26). Although I was able to squeeze into them, I knew I'd be a 27, and that was because the waistline is made from sturdy materials with a slight stretch. It was even more apparent that I had to size up when I sat down, the jeans constricted my thigh area.

I have a sample of our Army Green Slim Ankle Skinny Jeans in a size 27. Fits amazing. The waistband hasn't given out or fallen off of me throughout the day. I tried a wash test--still looks fantastic! However, the quality of the jeans is also reliant on how you wash them.

For the perfect denim wash:

  • Turn the jeans inside out.
  • Zip up and button the jeans, so the zipper doesn't tear other clothing.
  • Wash on a cold setting.
  • Tumble dry low and take them out to line dry while damp; otherwise, line dry the jeans immediately after wash.

Let's talk about 1denim a little more. Outside of falling in love with all their unique designs and knowing the fit would stay true, it was the options the company had. There wasn't a "one person" fits all factor with 1denim. Instead, they offer a "slim" or "curvy" fit.

Now, the difference between slim and curvy in most companies is that they differentiate these labels by a line of regular sized jeans versus plus-sized jeans. However, with 1denim it simply means that the company is taking into account that some women have larger hips, buttocks or thighs. Which is amazing!

1denim indeed recognized that every woman is different and that everybody type should have an affordable pair of premium denim. It's rare to find brands which accept this type of value.

boot cut denim
Let's take a look at how 1denim executed their products in mind.


Fabrics are specifically selected to ensure the best results that allow for comfort, mobility, and of course, aesthetics.

Wash Color

Wash techniques are varied, producing a wide selection of design with more options to match your individual style.


Fits are made not only using standard model sizing but also fits outside of industry sizing to include a broader range of body types into the 1denim collection.


The shape of each style of jeans is carefully constructed, from the rise of the jean to the leg openings, to adapt to different body shapes and styles.

Back Pocket Size

Emphasis is placed on making a well-proportioned back pocket, both shape, and size, to create flattering curves on each unique body.

Sewing Construction

Cleverly constructed the sewing to flatten the thickness of the inseam and create stronghold for everyday wear.

Not to mention, 1denim has their own factory in Los Angeles since 1990. A long standing company means they're doing something right.

Which is why I want to add in that's the reason we don't have a sizing guide online for our denim jeans. Each one is made a little bit differently. I personally think 1denim is a "true to fit" size, but again-- not every woman is made the same. Instead, we provide as much possible information as we can about the measurements of the jeans.

If the jeans don't fit, we're happy to do exchanges!

And if you're local to the Brainerd Lakes Area in Minnesota and want to try them on, please e-mail me at support@honeyedbyatk.com